Energy - Flexible & reliable solutions

Energy is the foundation of all things. It supports people’s livelihoods and stimulates economic activity. ATAI Group offers solutions that fuel prosperous and resilient businesses, providing you with the necessary energy, especially in challenging situations where energy availability may be uncertain. We encourage you to pursue your goals with confidence, as ATAI Group will ensure energy supply wherever you conduct your business.

Globally, we are your close ally!

Do you need a reliable provider?

What do we do?

Do you need immediate temporary energy? Renting offers unmatched flexibility! We provide the precise capacity right where and exactly when you need it. We deliver continuous, non-stop power, complemented with cables, enclosures, and fuel provisioning, exactly where it’s needed. Whether it’s generators, lighting towers, or transformers, ATAI Group supplies top-quality equipment, supported by over a decade of expertise.

Why us?

Reliable access to energy assured;

Providing rental, sale, service, and customized energy options;

In-house expertise in engineering, manufacturing, service, maintenance, and transportation;

Energy accessibility guaranteed anytime and anywhere around the world.