Chemical and petrochemical products
Products for the agricultural industry
Cargo transport services

The benefits of working with us

We deliver everywhere

At the moment, our company supplies chemical products to numerous companies in Romania and Europe

We fulfill the wishes of our customers

ATAI’s main concern has always been the wishes of its customers, more precisely their fulfillment and the satisfaction of all requirements; we currently offer a wide range of chemical products traditionally used in various areas of industry

The development of economic relations

Due to the strategic geographical position of Romania, located at the confluence between Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet area, communication between the two areas is facilitated, both from the point of view of cooperation and in terms of the development of economic and business relations in the region

Variation of the products

The variety of proposed products and the various ways of their delivery (export by land transport by car and by rail, air and sea) make the collaboration with us a suitable one, being a perfect combination with the reduced prices

Top quality

Our specialists can always select the product of the desired quality, ready to meet and even exceed your expectations


Organic products

They are chemical compounds that contain Hydrogen – Carbon bonds. They can be used in the composition of soaps, detergents and emulsifiers


Inorganic products

They are chemical compounds of mineral origin that are not organic. They can be used to treat waste water and reduce water emissions

Customer portfolio