Faleshty tinned food factory with rich fruits and vegetables processing and preserving traditions was bought by the company in order to enlarge it's kinds of activity. Enterprise's production program is oriented on fruit and vegetable preserving.

Enterprise can process practically all traditional Moldavian fruits and vegetables. Stewed fruits, juices, nectars, preserved tomatoes and cucumbers, preserved haricot with vegetables or with tomato juice, various vegetable made dishes, green peas, concentrated fruit and tomato pastes, tomato sauces and ketchups, dried fruits are made out of this raw materials. Factory's technical and technological potential allows to process up to 80 000 tons of fruit and vegetable production. Ecologically clean production is the main purpose of the enterprise.
One of the main direction of the enterprise's activity is the production of the broad spectrum of "Twist off" 1L bottled juices . Juice's range is presented by 25 kinds, such as apple, grape, grape-prune-ash berry, apple-grape, cherry, prune-ash berry, apple-cherry-peach, apple - peach, apricot, prune, prune-pear, carrot, apple - carrot, carrot-pumpkin, apple-prune, apple pear, tomato and other juices. During the ripening season juice's production is accomplished out of fresh raw materials exclusively.
For the other periods semis -aseptically concentrated purees out of fresh berries, fruits and vegetables - are stored up. There are also facilities allowing to concentrate grape and apple juices. Having such capacities, this enterprise can work all year round carrying out specific programs and producing more than 30 million conventional bottles.
The newest kinds of our production are very healthy in the food ration carrot and pumpkin juices in combination with apple, grape and black ash berry juices as well as haricot preserves and tomato sauces. They are cooked according to our new original compounding that favorably distinguishes them from the traditional Moldovan preserve production abundance. A diversity of considerable projects on the production's technical reequipment has been carried out on the base of analysis of world's latest achievements in the technique and technology of fruit and vegetable processing.

Faleshty factory situation analysis.
Tinned food factory is situated in the Faleshty city and occupies 4,9022 hectares, where:
  1. Main manufacture building;
  2. Apple processing shop and concentrate manufacturing shop;
  3. Raw materials initial processing section;
  4. Warehouses;
  5. Service shop;
  6. Consumer-administrative section
  7. are situated.
There are also buildings equipped with instrumentation appropriate for any food manufacturing such as:
  1. Juice production lines, that can be used for settled and unsettled juices, apple juice line, for example.
  2. 2 lines for for pickle production
  3. fresh fruit processing line for stewed fruits production
  4. pea-preserving production line -2
  5. tomato juice production line
  6. pulp juices production line
  7. apple concentrate juice production line (2 tons per hour)
  8. artificial honey production line
  9. dryer for the dried fruit production ( 5 tons per 24 h)
There are also access railroad directly to the warehouses and necessary parking place for motor transport. Faleshty tinned food factory preserved food production is manufactured in accordance with the demands, approved in established order and reference technical documentation. Factory laboratory accomplishes discharged production control. Laboratory is attested by the Moldavian Standardization and Metrology centre.
Production is discharged in accordance with the republican currently in law reference documents SM, GOST, RTMO, sanitary control instruction 01-19/9-11 from 21.06.1992 50-51-89.
Main stages of the production control accomplishment are:
  1. admission control of the raw material, materials and package quality.
  2. Technological procedures observance as well as storage and production procedures control.
  3. microbiological control of the manufacturing and the output.
  4. quality of the output index accordance with the MTD control.
Analysis of the information about Faleshty tinned factory ecological and environmental assignment shows that there were no cases of ecological charge form the part of respective control agencies as well as from the community. Centralized water supply is accomplished from the artesian wells. Used water chop is poured out into the sugar factory header after local purification and sediment. Faleshty Sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution and factory services control harmful and polluting substances and their PDK presence. Auxiliary materials are stored in the closed, specially fit indoors.
Company is interested in entering into contract with potential investors, who have their own market and who are ready to invest into factory's modernization for the new factory launching. We want to underline that we are ready for the establishment of any instruments of cooperation, that don't contradict legislation.