"ATAI" L.T.D is also an engineering company, which along with the delivery of chemical products, deals with advanced technologies in water treatment field. We perform the selection and delivery of filtering materials, water treatment reagents, installation and maintenance of manufacturing processes and equipment, water treatment, wastewater treatment, adjustment of water and chemical treatment of steam boilers, chemical cleaning and conservation of thermal power equipment. Prospective and current technical solutions are to stabilize the water in the circulating cooling systems of closed and open types. The availability of modern, not expensive corrosion inhibitors, using the scale formation and suppression of micro flora, allows to solve complex questions of water stabilization and results in large savings of added water.

Together with industrial chemicals our company can also offer chemicals, used in agriculture. The range of our goods includes chemicals for soil, plants and crops treatment. We were one of the first companies in Moldova, which proposed joint treatment of the plants and out root nutrition, which allows us to attain a higher rate quality and quantity of crops, and also to increase plant’s endurance. Our qualified staff will help you in solving your problem with maximum efficiency and minimum expense.

Other activities of our company are:

  • The building-related activities, repairs and sales of metal products. In the work process, a new and modern technology is used together with high quality materials that satisfy the international standards.
  • The preserving and canning of fruits and vegetables. That’s why the company bought the cannery, which has rich traditions in this area. The goal of our company is to make environmentally clean products. Our production satisfies these conditions exactly.

The key to the company’s success is in its experience, competence, initiative, enthusiasm and optimistic view of future among its staff. We are sincerely looking forward to establishing, extending and developing, through all channels, various kinds of trade and cooperation with partners from economic and trade circles all over the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

We hope that You will appreciate the Company “ATAI” proposals and will become our permanent partners, and we will take care to provide you with high-quality products, to improve and extend our services.

Looking forward collaborating with you,
Anatolie Grosu, General Manager